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When creating our products, we strive to meet both strict security requirements and beautiful presentations.

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AP Aircrafts sp. z o.o.

was founded out of love for aviation in 2018, but based on almost 30 years of experience obtained during the production of nearly 600 aircrafts.

Who we are

600 aircrafts, 6 continents

Over the years, our team has created about 600 aircraft of various types (among which there are gliders, motor gliders, light and ultralight aircrafts) that fly on 6 continents.

Who we are

5000 sq m area

At present, the company has around 5,000 sq m of production and assembly-warehouse space, equipped with modern tools, machines and specialist heating chamber, painting chamber and machining chamber.

Who we are

We manufacture high quality composite parts, each piece is handmade (sometimes with mechanical help) with the utmost care. We manufacture both components and componentry as well as finished airframes.

Although the main trend of our activity is aviation, we also produce such composite parts as blades for fans of high power, used in mining, cooling towers and wind tunnels.

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